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What To Look for in a Premium Domain Name Broker

If you are looking to buy or sell a premium domain name and in need of a broker then there’s lots of domain brokers who can help you. Some brokers specialise on the ‘buy’ side premium-domain-brokeror the ‘sell’ side, and others will do both. And here at Maven Domains I only work on a few names at any given time so I can help to sell and/or buy a name on your behalf.

You can also choose from smaller independent domain brokers, like myself, and bigger brokerage companies, like Domain Holdings, who employ a big team of brokers to work on a lots of domain at any given time.

There are pros and cons to both types of broker but it’s important you work with a brokerage company who you know will work in your best interest and who is totally transparent throughout the whole brokerage process.

Also note there are those who advertise themselves as domain brokers but all they do is send out details of your domain to their list of Newsletter subscribers. Although some of the people on their list may be ‘potential’ buyers it is not always the most targeted way to reach the MOST potential end users. And a lot of the Newsletter subscribers will be domain investors and not end user buyers so the offer prices via these newsletters are likely to be lower compared to doing the hard work of researching potential end users and contacting them one-by-one.

When it comes to selling a domain a broker should be very pro-active in drawing up an extensive list of potential buyers. This is really where a good broker will earn their commission as the more research they carry out, the wider a net they can cast, then the more likely they are to find more than one potential buyer of your premium domain name.

And for ultra-premium domains Maven Domains will also put together what I call the Domain Value Proposition (DVP) document which is a detailed Powerpoint presentation highlighting the main benefits of owning your specific premium domain. Think of the DVP as the ‘glossy brochure’ that real estate agents put together for high value properties. The DVP is just one of the extra steps I take to help get in front of more potential buyers and the more potential buyers I can get interested in your name then the higher the chance of securing a domain sale.

And if this is the first time you have sold or purchased a domain it’s important that your broker can help you EVERY step of the way. For example here at Maven Domains I will go the extra mile to help transfer the name on your behalf or personally help with any technical issues which may occur as part of the domain name transfer. By getting myself personally involved EVERY step of the way ensures a continuity in the whole process, thus resulting in a much quicker and smoother sales/purchase process.

Your decision on which broker to use to help sell or buy a domain is one you should not take lightly. It’s imperative you are fully confident with your choice and in the first instance I always suggest you speak with a few potential brokers to gain a better understanding on the amount of work they will carry out on your behalf.

If you have any questions about the work I carry out when I sell or buy domains on behalf of my clients then please click here to get in touch with me today.


List of Premium Domain Brokers to consider:
Maven Domains – Paul Haughney (That’s me.)
Domain Holdings
Domain Guardians – Mike Robertson
Domain Sales Plus – Bob Olea
Media Options – Andrew Rosener
Name Connect – John Daly
Outcome Brokerage – Ryan Colby
Sedo Domain Brokerage

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