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Evaluating A Domains’ Potential To Sell

When it comes to selling domains to end users the initial objective is to draw up a comprehensive list using a number of research techniques.domain-evaluation

For some domain names the potential end users may appear more obvious than others.

For example, here are 2 domain names that would need much more thinking around the potential end users:

SecuredLoans.com: It’s immediately obvious that any loan company who provide secured loans would be interested in this domain. Or any company who may be planning on expanding their loan portfolio would be interested. But the takeaway from this example is that the potential end users are relatively obvious and as such much it’s much easier to compile a list of potential contacts to approach.

But who would be the potential end user if you had a single word generic term. So let’s take a look at our second example:

Handshake.com: This kind of domain has a number of completely different end users. For example the word handshake is a technical term when talking about signal handshaking between devices. So potential end users could be from the hardware or software niches.

This domain is also a brandable. The word handshake also has certain positive connotations in that when you think of handshake it has the perception of people meeting or connecting with each other. So companies who provide products and services that ‘connect’ people would be a good starting point for research into more potential end users.

You can see that the second example is potentially more difficult to find an end user compared to example 1. Potential end users would need to see the benefits of using the domain name and they may not initially see the same ‘value’ on the domain as what you do. But another part of brokering domains is to highlight the benefits and added value of using any given domain name.

And for both domains a third and equally obvious potential end user would be those companies who already have the keyword in their domain name, and who could benefit from having a shorter more memorable or exact match domain.

For example the owners of OnlineSecuredLoans.com or CheapSecuredLoans.com could be interested in just SecuredLoans.com as the category domain.

Or TotalHandshake.com, MyHandshake.com could be interested in upgrading to just Handshake.com

So when it comes to brokering a domain on your behalf we will spend a lot of time ‘thinking outside the box’ in order to come up with the most comprehensive list of end users to approach. The end user may not always be the ‘most obvious’ buyer of the domain so it’s critical to brainstorm every possible angle the domain name could be used.

And the more potential end users we can find to approach then the more likely we will be able to not only sell your domain, but also find a buyer willing to pay the asking price.

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